The Power of One Project

Community Project: The Power of ONE 

This project is founded on CONNECTION and CONTRIBUTION, so I would like to start a contribution conversation…

Here’s how it works:

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”

Concept: To empower parents & children to make a difference together by collecting $1 from 10 people in their community who will collect $1 from 10 people in their community who will collect $1 from 10 people in their community. (A lot of people doing a little bit: each person donates $1~ no more than that, please~ and reaches out to 10 people who will donate $1 and reach out to 10 people…) This project will begin with approximately 20 families who will reach out to 10 people in their community (which can be anyone! It doesn’t have to be a parent/child) and inspire them to reach out to 10 more. (20,000+ parents/children/ families/friends/people have connected, one by one, each donating only $1)

*Picture one candle lighting 10 candles, and those 10 candles going out and lighting 10 more candles…One candle can light an endless amount of candles, simply by lighting a candle, one by one and teaching those candles to light more candles, one by one…

I am asking for your participation for 10 days.

Result: $20,000+ is donated to schools for children of low-income families (who not only educate and empower children, but also fulfill basic needs such as food and clothing). Through this project, each child will receive: socks, underwear, 1 pair of converse shoes, 2 pairs of pants, 2 tops, 1 belt, 1 sweatshirt, 1 hygiene kit, 1 comb, 1 brush and 1 backpack filled with school supplies. These schools also provide food and other basic needs for these children. The face of poverty and homelessness has changed, and together, we can help. From one family to another, inspiring kids to help kids in need, we are able to make an impact on our community.

Your $1 makes a huge difference, and can spark The Power of One Project in your own community!!

• To instill in each child that ONE person can make a difference, and when we use our VOICE to connect with one another, the impact is limitless.
• To inspire other Communities through The Power of One Project.
• To emphasize that it’s our voice, not the amount of money we give that makes the biggest difference in creating the change we wish to see in the world.

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Power of One

Other Notes:
• The month of April is Child Abuse Prevention Month.
• I have written a short poem to describe the project from the voice of a participant (to simplify the project and make it simple for kids!!!).
• Rules of this project: No one can give more than $1 (unless they have already shared this project with 10 people who are sharing the project with 10, and would still like to donate more than $1). This is about making a difference by connecting with pe
ople, not asking for more money. Our voice makes more of a difference than our money. It lives on, whereas money ends with you. If you want to give more money, you talk to more people about this project. Each person represents $1; no more, no less. By each family reaching out to 10 people in their community and inspiring them to reach out to 10 people in their respective community, the ripple effect begins.
• I will plan an event (simple but impactful!) for the families involved in this project to witness what they created through this project by presenting the beneficiaries with the donation.
• I have named this project The Power of One. (It has no relation to any other project, group, or website with that name.

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