Thankful for a Porta Potty!

Thankful for a Port-a-potty!



In 2012, I had bladder cancer. I had a larger hockey puck size tumor removed. The cancer returned within 30 days and I needed months of treatment. I had surgery to remove a piece of my bladder, to see if the cancer had grown through to my other organs. A few loving friends innocently made the comment “you should have your bladder removed” or “I’d just remove my bladder”. Did these people realize what they were saying?!? Have a Radical cystectomy, the removal of the entire bladder?! A life starting in my 30’s with a Urostomy Bag, how would I wear my SKINNY JEANS!? 😉 I could bedazzle the bag I carried it in, a cute bag. I joked about this while in the hospital. My husband would not hear of it. I was not going to lose my bladder. Would life go on? Yes. Could this still happen? Sure. I’d make the best of it. But I finished my treatment and I have been in REMISSION for more than a year now. Anyway, a few months later we were at a sledding hill in Flagstaff, AZ with our kids. I needed to use the potty. Before in my life I would have avoided the porta-potty. I would have thought they were gross and hated having to use one. BUT NOW I WAS SO EXCITED AND THANKFUL I GET TO USE A PORT-A-POTTY! Thankful! I had a moment right there next to the row of outdoor public potties. I teared up and thanked God I get to use one of these. Thankful I have a bladder. Thankful to be able to Make more Memories with my babies. Perspective is everything! The very thing you are overwhelmed with, complaining about could be the exact things someone else is praying and hoping for. No one else walking by knew I was having that moment. You never know what the person next to you in traffic or in line next to you is facing in life. Accept, love and help each other. Smile at strangers we are all facing our own Challenges and Victories.



Cancer SURVIVOR ~ Thankful for each day! Thankful for the little things.

I know I had cancer for a reason, I hope parts of my story will inspire or encourage others to LIVE their best life.

Live It Up A to Z ~ SonyaAZ