Take the Leap ~ be able to say I LIVED

2015 is my 20 year CELEBRATION of taking a Leap.

And I am going to celebrate it all year long!

At a young age I knew I wanted to live in a Bigger City than I grew up in. Then over time I added some place WARM. A small town in Michigan was not for me. I graduated HS, started college and the first opportunity I had I JUMPED. I moved to Florida with a friend in 1995. That is the year I started living life. Became who I am. I was surrounded my people I connected with for Fun, Faith and Friendships. I felt at home, like I belonged. I am so thankful I JUMPED at the chance to live my Dream. Florida is still the place in my heart that is home. After 2 years I moved to Phoenix. In both states I traveled. I lived. I explored. 

Live It Up A to Z. Live your Dream. Don’t wait for someday. I am still benefiting from that Leap that it would all work out. Do not take for granted the opportunities life has to offer. Do not live a life with regret. Look for chances to take a Leap of Faith to go for my Dream.

Being a Cancer Survivor only reinforced the my outlook on life to Live each day, Live in the Moment. Don’t save the Fine China for someday but use it everyday!

~ SonyaAZ

OneRepublic ~ I Lived