Live It Up AZ

Sad you were so scared

……that you went out and got the Vax. You think that bought your freedom but my dear you have it so wrong. There is so much scripture that talks about man being deceived. There are millions of us that never felt fear. We never quarantined. We did not stay home. We LIVED. We Traveled. We feel sad and heartbroken for you. We do not understand your fear or your actions. We are not judging you, our heart goes out to you. Yet none of you have told us with the same conviction (you got the vaxxed) that we need to do it too. You took it out of FEAR. Otherwise you would be passionate about the life saving benefits enough to want it for your loved ones. Do you know what you did to your immune system? Track how many times you get sick the next 3 years. You are the TEST group. It is a hard reality we are in and when you face it you will grieve.