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Visit Mesa Launches Live Life Limitless Passport

Date(s) – 12/18/2022 – 12/19/2022
12:00 am



Visit Mesa invites folks to explore businesses that have committed to welcoming travelers on the autism spectrum to experience Mesa City Limitless®️ through the access of a digital passport. Participants can check into certified autism centers that earned their status from the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) and can be eligible to earn a coveted prize. Residents and visitors can access the passport on a smartphone or computer and fully enjoy participating certified autism centers in Mesa and the surrounding community which includes accommodations, attractions, and restaurants.


The free incentive program can be linked to from and connects the user to a digital passport that serves as a tour of the destination. Visitors that check-in at five locations during their visit will earn a complementary jigsaw puzzle that can be picked up at the Mesa Visitors Center located in downtown Mesa. Check-ins, which are verified by the user’s geo-location, must be completed within 30 days from the starting date to be eligible for the prize. Prizes are subject to change and available while supplies last.


“Our hope is that this passport is the catalyst to creating wonderful memories for these families,” said Visit Mesa’s Director of Destination Experience and Advocacy Alison Brooks. “It is Visit Mesa’s mission to ensure that those who are on the spectrum can feel comfortable and welcomed as they explore our inclusive city.”


Visit Mesa partnered with IBCCES to introduce the path of certification to Visit Mesa’s business partners. IBCCES is setting the standard for autism certifications as the only known organization focused on the hospitality/travel industry. Their key insights, paired with their Autism Travel nationwide presence, has helped Visit Mesa’s partners better understand the ASD community and their growing need for autism-certified travel destinations, attractions, and hotels. By accomplishing certification, visitors and families can trust Mesa as a dedicated tourism destination serving individuals with autism.


This isn’t the first time Visit Mesa has developed a product serving the ASD community. In 2020, Visit Mesa launched the Autism Travel GeoTour which includes ten locations throughout Mesa which also promotes certified autism businesses. The GeoTour was developed as a way to engage travelers on the autism spectrum and provide a fun way to explore all corners of the city while on a quest for caches.


For a list of participating businesses and to activate the City Limitless® Live Life Limitless Passport, head online to