Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September. An entire month dedicated to Pediatric Cancer patients and their families. Raise Awareness. 46 Children are diagnosed with cancer a day. 7 of them will die today.

Wear gold. Show you are fighting for them. With them.

The RONAN Thompson Foundation


We WILL get to the White House to make them fight harder for our kids who are dealing with cancer. A huge thank you to Mayor Stanton of Phoenix, Arizona for signing our proclamation to declare September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.




In 2012 I had cancer. I wore my ROCKSTAR RONAN purple bracelet proud! I wore it SPIN class to show cancer who was BOSS of my body! I rode to fight for little ones like Ronan! How dare you pick on our babies. We are stronger and smarter than cancer, we can find a cure. Spread the word!

~ SonyaAZ   #cancersurvivior #thriving #fucancer


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American Childhood Cancer Awareness


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