Live It Up AZ

Sad you were so scared

……that you went out and got the Vax. You think that bought your freedom but my dear you have it so wrong. There is so much scripture that talks about man being deceived. There are millions of us that never felt fear. We never quarantined. We did not stay home.…

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Knowledge is Power

Be informed. Educate yourself. Don’t go along with others being silenced. The world needs to UNITE. We can have different views, that is the beauty of America. We all can think for ourselves, not be told what to think. Peace, Sonya AZ

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2020 cactus League

Calendar Link Arizona Cactus League Association Since 1947, the Arizona Cactus League Association has consisted of members with direct interest in the good of the league. The Association has provided a forum to share operational efficiencies, to establish and nurture business relationships with respective Major League Baseball franchises and to…

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