Local Entrepreneur Tricia Brisk invented a way to help you fight food cravings!

Announces the newest weight loss partner badSTICK

What Will You Wear? LLC. an Arizona company announced the continued success of their scent based weight loss product, badSTICK, with another local TV airing of their story. badSTICK was only launched 4 months ago but it continues to peak people’s curiosity with media requests for information.
“badSTICK is an unpleasant scent that can instantly change your focus from food,” said Tricia Bryski, WWYW’s President. “Don’t have eater’s remorse! A joke started badSTICK, but how it works is not a joke.” badSTICK should be used with a sensible eating or diet plan. Wave it under your nose when you may have cheated and your focus is instantly changed from food to the unpleasant smell.

If you have ever wanted to lose weight, you know that you can fixate on the thought of food, especially if you are following a diet plan. Something about the word diet makes people think about all the things they cannot have. If you use badSTICK instead of cheating on your diet you will see success faster and easier. With a wave under your nose badSTICK stops food fantasies cold. Find us on Facebook: BADSTICK

Get yours today! It is as small as a tube of lipstick. STOP those cravings!

Phone: 623-889-1401

An unpleasant fragrance that instantly rids you of unwanted food cravings.

Wave badSTICK quickly under your nose when temptation strikes.