Tell them you love them

Tell them you love them……

inner voice

A couple years ago while I had young children ages 4 and twin 2 years I was in the hospital for a week. I was waiting on test results to confirm I had a cancerous tumor and had a few other health issues going on. In the hospital you have lots of alone time, well besides the constant in and out of people caring for you. You have time for reflection and deep thoughts to come over you. As I sat there looking out the window at the greenbelt (walking path), I thought ‘God I am not done telling my kids how much I love them. They will be too young to remember their mom.’  And I also thought  ‘I have not taken them to Disneyland and they need that family memory.’  As I reflect back I have not let a day pass without telling my kids ‘I love you’ with a big squeeze hug to show it.  I let them know their mom believes in them, I give them encouragement, tell them they are the best gift I ever received (a perfect gift from God). I pump them full of all the things they will need to carry them through life knowing their mom believed they could do it. I hope to be here on earth but if I am not I will be in their head giving them the confidence it takes to take on life. I want them to believe in going for their dreams and equip them with the tools that will last a lifetime. I want to make sure I gave them the gift of knowing that one person who loves them the most, accepts them and is encouraging them every step of the way.  None of us are perfect but you will never regret hugging them a little longer and giving them words that will stay with them a life time. That being said, I skip story time some nights but when they fall asleep whisper in their ear things like: ‘I love you, you are a special gift from God.’ I want words of encouragement to be on auto play in their head.

As far as the Disney trip, we did that. (CHECK)

Your biggest fan & cheerleader for life,


 ~ Sonya AZ ~ Cancer Survivor ~ Mother of 3 ~ Living It Up in Scottsdale ~


Disneyland summer 2012 ~ family memories made