Victory over cancer, Celebrating good News:

CELEBRATING after my last Oncologist appt. 

VICTORY over Cancer! Yes I have been in Remission for more than year but this was a very successful, turning point. This is the first Dr. visit where there have been no other test in-between. No infections and now appointments are getting spread out vs. being every 3 months. AND all scar tissue from the tumor and treatment are GONE- HEALED! Praise God. Victory. Pure Joy. By 2015 cancer check procedures will only be ONCE a YEAR! Go out Live It UP, celebrate your life no matter what phase you are in. Keep making strides forward and enjoy the journey. Car dance when you want to, keep it simple, try new things, smile, laugh, hug your loved ones ~ Make Memories. I knew there was a reason for me getting cancer. I knew there would be a way for me to share, inspire others and teach people to truly focus on the positive. I never felt why me, I knew their was a purpose. We all have a Story a purpose and I look forward to sharing with you and also hearing yours.






I love how carefree, live in the moment this Walk-Dance is. Brings me Joy.

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My Personal Story taped for Scottsdale Bible Church MOPS:

Thank you for all your love, encouragement & for being with me on this Journey Friends! 

Live It Up & Be Fit, take care of your HEALTH.




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