Origami Owl


 Every locket tells a story……..what’s yours? Origami Owl the options are endless.


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Origami Owl Custom Jewelry is a social selling company & was founded by a 14 year old entrepreneur!

{Our Signature Jewelry Line} It’s been said that Living Lockets are the latest trend in jewelry; but the truth is, they’re so much more than that! Living Lockets are an extension of YOU – because each and every piece is custom designed to tell a story of your life + of what’s important to you.

Build your Living Locket in 5 simple steps:
400192_459721770733923_1399499394_nStep 1: Select the CHARMS that tell your story or represent things you love

Step 2: Choose a LOCKET

Step 3: Choose a CHAIN

Step 4: Add a hand-stamped metal PLATE

Step 5: Add a DANGLE (or two!)

Every locket tells a story…what’s yours?

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