Mom-e Club

sigimg1What The Mom-e Club is:

A networking AND support organization
We bring mom and women entrepreneurs together in a safe, comfortable environment to build meaningful connections and learn from one another through our meetings and educational webinars. No high heels or fake facades required. Come join us and just be. Your first two visits are complimentary.

Encouraging Mom Entrepreneurs Every Step of the Way.


Mom Entrepreneur of the Year finalists, winner Angela Harrolle and event founder Tisha Marie Pelletier. — with Melanie Johnson Gallagher,Jarrett Ransom, Johnell Borer McCauley, Kim Fuller, Tara Overholser, Angela Harrolle, Tisha Marie Pelletier, Sonia Kang, Jamie Allen Bishop andJennifer Shumway at 4th Annual Mom Entrepreneur Celebration .

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Meetings from Holbrook, AZ to Gilbert, Scottsdale, Chandler, Tempe. Oh AND Califonia & NJ!

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