Live in the PRESENT! Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts said it Perfectly on Barbra Walters 10 Most Fascinating people 2013 ~ Enjoy the PRESENT.


As a Cancer SURVIVOR it is easy to get anxious when it gets close to your next check up. The worry could consume you. And then when you get the call with test results, you almost don’t want to take the call. But then you sigh a HUGE sigh of relief with the good news. You are at Peace for a couple months until the cycle starts again. Its hard to think there was something in your body that could kill you, take your breathe away. But on the other hand it makes life so much more precious. You realize what is important. It is crystal clear. You don’t waste time on worrying, you Live It Up, Live in the PRESENT, Be Silly, Laugh, you Hug more, cry and truly say what you mean. Be the person God made you to be. There is only one you! Live with no regrets. Be your best forget the rest.

I started Live It Up AZ to encourage others to truly Enjoy Life. Be Fit, Enjoy the simple things like good food, Family time, going to Events. Make memories.



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