Just left my Oncologist office……


Celebrating  2 Years in Remission from Bladder Cancer!

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

Once again leaving the office the world is in FULL COLOR.

I was at a Real Estate Conference last week and a women asked another “How are you?”

She Replied with a High Pitch voice “I AM WONDERFUL!”

I was walking by but I KNEW, I looked at her and asked “Cancer SURVIVOR?”

She replied “YES, 4 years”

As I raised my hand to High Five her as I was walking by I said “Me too! 2 years”  ours eyes met. There is an understanding. A great appreciation for EACH DAY and a connection with others that are part of this club we did not ask to be part of.

Live It Up A to Z. Enjoy the Journey. Smile, be silly, go for your Dreams. Don’t look back with regrets, make the best of your situation. Take care of yourself. We never know what could happen next in our life Journey.


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