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Arcosanti Celebrates 50-Year Anniversary with Call for “Memory” Submissions

Date(s) – 09/24/2020 – 09/25/2020
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A lot can happen in 50 years — and Arcosanti’s rich history is just one such example. The urban laboratory in Mayer, Arizona is thrilled to celebrate this half-century milestone with the launch of a new website to help Arcosanti enthusiasts delve deeper into the past, present and future of this unique Arizona experience, as well as offer a convenient way for visitors to register for events, book overnight stays, and even access digital archives of Soleri sketchbooks.


In honor of this celebration, Arcosanti, which broke ground on July 23, 1970, invites guests, former residents, workshoppers and anyone that has had a personal history with Arcosanti to submit a memory or photography that captures the essence of their experience. Submissions are being accepted via through September 30.  Participants that share their stories and/or photos will be sent a limited edition Arcosanti 50th Anniversary logo decal and have the opportunity to see their memory submission included in the Arcosanti e-newsletter or on the website.


Date: Through September 30

Time: Anytime

Location: Online via


13555 S. Cross L Road, Mayer 86333