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Impact One Essentials Program for local breast cancer fighters


Phoenix, AZ – I’mpact One Breast Cancer Foundation has announced the opening of the I’mpact One Essentials program providing services for Arizona breast cancer patients, survivors, volunteers, loved ones and advocates. The organization cordially invites breast cancer patients and families to visit the website and contact our director to have a personal tour of all the donations that has been provided to help the I’mpact One program.

By coordinating with local and generous retailers and manufacturers, the program provides a wide range of sought after items and personal care supplies for patients and their families, free of charge.

Some of the more popular items include:

  • Wigs
  • Breast prosthetics
  • Post mastectomy bras
  • Therapeutic items
  • Support Services
  • Mammogram Resources
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Resources for breast care and breast cancer

Patients schedule private and confidential appointments to I’mpact One.  They can select products and supplies that they need from the current inventory I’mpact One has.









To apply for services or to learn about donation and volunteer opportunities, please contact us today at:




Dear I’mpact One,

I want to share with you how appreciative the Mexico women were of their “special packages”.

These women all came at different times, shared their touching struggles of the last 2-4yrs. but have all remained hopeful.  For years they have gone without the necessary items needed after having been diagnosed with breast cancer. When these beautiful ladies found out they are were receiving these items from I’mpact One several of them walked over 2 miles to get to the destination where the items were delivered.

These survivors were emotional beyond belief, starring at the bras and touching them as if they were golden (I’m sure they are to them). Many tears of thanks to all involved but especially to the “hermosa persona en Estados Unidos”—beautiful person in the United States who has changed their lives. They loved the bracelet because it serves as a reminder of survival—they will treasure it.

I personally cannot thank you enough for all that you did.

Again, a million thanks!


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